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Experimental Plant of Quality Alloys
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ddress: Russia, 303032 Mzensk Orlovsk region, Avtomagistral

E-mail: mcepr@mce.orel.ru

General Director: Strelnikov Alexandr Vasilievich,
Phone: +7 (48646) 2-27-24

Deputy General Director for production:Demianov Alexey Viktorovich,
Phone:+7 (48646) 2-27-24

Head of production office: Dorokhov Oleg Nikolarvich,
Phone: +7 (48646) 9-14-01

Deputy General Director, candidate of technical Sciences: Dorokhov Daniil Olegovich,
Phone: +7 (48646) 2-27-24

Head of production and technical Department: Pronin Andrey Evgenievich,
Phone: +7 (48646) 9-14-04

Sales offices

In Mzensk: pronin@mzenskprokat.ru, info@mzenskprokat.ru, ddostu@mail.ru

In Moscow: Kurbatov Anton Vyacheslavovich, kurbatov@mzenskprokat.ru