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Metallurgic Production


Ingot is cast base metal, meant for further processing by means of plastic deformation (rolling, hammering, extruding), remelting (production of shaped castings, preparation of alloys) or electrolytic process (anode of Bessemer copper, nickel and other).

Anode Alloys

In electrochemistry anode means electrode connected with negative pole of current supply, on which the electrochemical oxidation reaction takes place.

Straps Strips

Strand is flat iron (in reels) of 0.005-4 mm thickness and of up to 600 mm width, produced by means of hot and cold rolling on strand-rolling mill.


Rod is long metal semi-product, which is working part for production of parts by means of plastic deformation or cutting. Depending on application the rods have the profile of round (at most), hexagonal, rectangular, occasionally trapezoidal, oval or segmental shape.


Metal paper is thin strand of nonferrous, rare, precious metals and steel. Traditional method of production of metal paper of 0.02 mm and more thickness is coil rolling with tension in cluster mills. Thinner metal paper is manufactured by rolling of double work parts with following division.

Solder is metal or alloy, entered into the space between joinable parts or nascent between them as a result of diffusion in the process of soldering. Solder alloy must moist well the joinable materials, spread on them, fill the hot clearance and generate tight, corrosion-proof joint.