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Metal and alloy grade GOST (State standard), Techspecs (TS) Size, mm Accuracy of manu-
facturing (na-normal, ea-enhanced accuracy)
Condition (h-hard, s-soft, sh-semihard, vh-very hard)
Bronze bars CuAl10Fe3Mn1 GOST 1628-78 Diameter: 40;50;60;80 Length: 300-400 mm Diameter: 90;100;110;120; 130;140;150
Length: 700mm
na, ea h, s Screws, nuts, bushings and other fixtures
CuAl9Fe3 h, s
CuAl10Fe4Ni4 h, s
CuAl9Mn2 sh
CuSi3Mn1 sh
CuSn7P0,2 GOST 10025-78 Diameter: 50;60;70;80 Length: <400mm Diameter: 90;100;110;120; 130;140;150 Length: <700mm
na, ea vh, sh, h, s
CuSn5Zn5Pb5 GOST 614-97    
Brass bars CuSn39FeMn GOST 2060-90 Diameter: 100 mm
Length: 700-800mm
na sh In shipbuilding industry
  CuP8,5Ni8,5   Diameter: 90-100mm
Length: 300-500 mm
    For soldering of copper, copper alloys and silver (t melt =650?-680? )
  CuP6Sb2 TS 48-21-837-87     Soldering of hard alloys
  alloy 273         Special aviation alloy