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Nickel-aluminium wire of type "lunick 7/1"

Nickel-aluminium wire of type "LUNICK 7/1" consists of seven-core heart (the central core – aluminium, external six cores - nickel), closed in an aluminium cover. Diameter of the wire is 3.15 mm. The wire chemical compound: 22-28 % aluminium, the rest is nickel, that conforms in composition to a high-strength firm mortar of nickel-aluminium on the basis of intermetallic compound - Ni3Al.

Wire "LUNICK 7/1" is used for laying by the spraying of sublayer on steel surfaces. Most of the supplies were heading to "AutoVAZ" and were used for laying on shifter forks under a bronze covering by the wire of BrAzH10-1.5 (10-1.5).

In comparison with forks having a sublayer of the imported wire "Metko 405" (« 405») (nickel-aluminium powder under the aluminium cover), forks with sublayer of wire "ALUNICK 7/1" have two times higher wear-resistance that is caused by a more homogeneous sublayer made of wire "ALUNICK 7/1".

Originality of the name is in reduction of the number of types of material of which it consists, and the quantity of cores is indicated by fraction.

The given production technology is unique , the terms of reference (TOR) are 48-21-5060-75.

 7/1  7/1