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Technology of production at Cjsc Mzenskprokat

The enterprise has melting-rolling facilities. The production cycle begins with initial charge melting. Primary pure metals are used as an initial charge, such as cathode Cu, Ni, Mn, Zn, Zr and other. Furnace inventory consists of IST 0.4, ILT1M1, IST 0.16 furnaces and a vacuum furnace ISV-0.16. Melted ingots of fill casting are subject to milling and hot or cold rolling depending on the alloy production technology. Moulds of different size provide optimal and waste-less production of straps, sheets, strips and foil of various thickness varying from 20-25 to 50 microns and width from 500 to 50 (30) microns depending on the thickness. Rolling mills inventory consists of 10 rolling mills including universal reversing “DUO-QUATRO” mill made by Skoda (roll size 500x630, duo) and a unique 20 roll “160” mill designed by Heavy Machinery Research Institute named after academician A. I. Tselikov (Tselikov VNIITMach). The main products include copper and nickel anodes, rolled sheets of copper and nickel-copper alloys up to 50 microns thick (8-5 microns in the near future). 

The enterprise includes repair-machining plant producing different types of axles, shafts, gear wheels, bushings, worm gear shafts etc. These products are fabricated mainly from purchased steel billets and in-home made ingots of heavy non-ferrous metal alloys (generally cast bronze 0555, 94). Molding and centrifugal casting facilities make it possible to make castings almost identical in geometry with the final product. Machining equipment can process billets up to 1250 mm in diameter and 6 meters long. The repair-machining plant is equipped with the complete set of metal-cutting machines (milling, turning, tooth-cutting, drilling, grinding etc.). 

The wire-drawing shop makes wire 0.5-0.1 mm in diameter from the initial billet of 8-6 mm. The main product is nickel-aluminum wire “Alunick-7/1” used as sputtering material in automobile industry. The production includes wire drawing, wire twisting into ropes and press wrapping.

Rods Production Metall paper Anodes
Sleeves, parts, spare parts for graders, motor vans Technologiy Strand/Strap Iron