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"Mtsenskprokat" plant carries out both single and multiple serial orders using it’s production facilities which include:
  • 7 melting furnaces,
  • 9 unique rolling mills fabricating non-ferrous mill products up to 50-30 microns thick, and in the future up to 5-8 microns.
  • Machining facilities. The machinery can process billets up to 900 mm in diameter, cut teeth with maximum modulus of 12 mm and 800 mm in diameter,
  • Standard sample laboratory which provides metallurgy industry of Russia and CIS with reference standard samples of non-ferrous metals and alloys used for quality control in production.


Melting shop
Production of round ingots up to 500 mm in diameter, 900 mm in length for further manufacture of bars, wire and machinery goods as well as flat ingots for manufacture of straps and strips, foil and copper master alloys. 
Rolling mill
Production of flat rolled non-ferrous metal alloys: strips 0.5 to 12-12 mm thick, straps from 0.1 to 2.5 mm thick, foil from 30-50 microns (in the near future from 8-5 microns) to 100 microns thick. 
Drawing mill
Production of wire from various alloys from 1.5 mm (in the near future from 0.018) up to 6 mm in diameter.