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The nonferrous metals plant «Mzenskprokat» is a modern metallurgical enterprise, engaged in machining of nonferrous metals and alloys: all kinds of casting, rolling as well as production of particular types of machine-building products.

Ltd «MZENSKPROKAT» is the successor of Experimental Plant of Qualitative Alloys (EZKS), which in Soviet period together with the other enterprises of Scientific-Production Association «Tsvetmetobrabotka» was engaged in development and introduction of innovations in nonferrous metallurgy. Many kinds of products and alloy processing technologies, which are manufactured and used in Russian metallurgy industry, originally were produced and developed in laboratories and pilot production of EZKS and MZENSKPROKAT plants. Furthermore, the plant manufactured unique products, some of which sometimes had no analogs in the world, innovation alloys and solders for aerospace and defense industry, it produced and distributed material standards for quality control of alloys, without which no metallurgic enterprise can work.

In 2007 EZKS plant celebrated its 70-th anniversary. Staying faithful to the plant, professionalism, creative research, irreproachable fulfillment of difficult responsible State orders for manufacturing the alloys and products for aircraft, space and defense industries always was the affair of honour for the personnel of the plant. Even in difficult years of perestroika, when economic relations of a huge country turned out to be destroyed and many unique enterprises and organized bodies disintegrated and ended their existence, the plant did not lose these characteristics.

Relying on the personnel and traditions of the EZKS plant we want to create under the brand of MZENSKPROKAT the progressive high-tech production, which will be able to solve complicated and even experimental tasks of nonferrous industry and to be engaged in innovation activity. We value high the interests of our activity that combines within the framework of the human values system the efforts of people who want to produce useful and necessary high quality product. We hope to earn consumer confidence and very good image in professional society in free and honest competition with the other manufacturers. We think that it is the industrial production that determines both economic stability and prosperity of people and the status of the country. We are sure that real production is a successful and profitable business. And we are ready to apply our best efforts hereto, in order to renew Russian trade mark and create modern and progressing enterprise.

Up to date «MZENSKPROKAT» plant, which in general kept technological base and manufacturing culture of the EZKS plant, is one of the few Russian enterprises, which along with production of typical products, has the opportunity to carry on test and experimental work. Development of industry requires permanent renovation of production and assortment, close cooperation of science and practice, development of new kinds of alloys and products from them and implementation of innovative technologies. Series production is meant for implementation of worked-out adjusted production cycles and technologies and development of innovation products is impossible without long-term process debugging, numerous experimentation, detailed checkout, when the product is «pushed through» by trial-and-error method. Innovation activity requires special organization of production, high qualification of employees, competence of the team in putting before itself and solving Herculean tasks as well as the desire to be trailblazers, innovators and pioneers. All of these features were part of corporate culture of EZKS plant, as they now say, and all of these features we would like to keep and grow under the new trademark of MZENSKPROKAT. General growth of the industrial production in Russia, public and State attention to defense, aerospace and machine-building industries, renewal of Russian high technologies and accumulated innovation potential of Russian scientists and engineers make the capabilities of experimental base of MZENSKPROKAT increasingly called for.

Along with the abovementioned, manufacture of serial and standard products, castings, rolled products, products of nonferrous metals: copper, zinc, tin, nickel, lead, as well as alloys based on them: all kinds of bronze material, yellow metal, copper-nickel alloys are developed. Our products are manufactured only of pure metals. We do not use metal scrap and secondary raw materials in our production.

Machine building shop section works successfully.

Material standard laboratory is a part of the plant. It provides standard bars of metals and alloys (i.e. copper, yellow metal, nickel), without which quality control of finished products is impossible, for all plants of Russia and CIS.

In 2006 the plant found new investors and at the same time hope for renewal of production in full, development of scientific-manufacturing and experimental capability of the enterprise. In near-term plans of MZENSKPROKAT there are penetration of emerging markets and introduction of new prodcts, forming of close long-term communications with progressive enterprises and research teams, participation in higher priority national projects and international cooperation.

We plan (provided the industry requires) to revive production of some unique products such as the solder «Alyunik», which has no analogs in the world, solders for carbide-tipped single-point tool, in particular ÒÌ-1, which keeps outstanding characteristics. We are ready to develop and produce standard bars as per the orders of the industry. We are ready for cooperation with all former customers of EZKS and MZENSKPROKAT as well as scientific and research, design and educational institutes and organizations.

Following the tendency metropolitan megalopolis and business development logic we find necessary to transfer primary production from Moscow territory of EZKS to the town of Mzensk and to combine production facilities of EZKS and MZENSKPROKAT, former daughter enterprise of EZKS, in order to concentrate the whole processing chain in one place. Moreover, we suppose it is inappropriate to develop and modernize production in Moscow multiplying its ecological problems, while the city authorities have accepted the program of transfer of production facilities outside the city boundary.

The town of Mzensk is in the center of the Central region, Oryol region and it has the long-standing metallurgic practice. The town is conveniently arranged regarding the main transport routes and excellently fitting for development of metallurgic and machine-building production herein. We rely on our contribution in urban development, creation of new work positions, support of social safety net, teach-and-learn capability and further training, engaging of young people, decrease in outflow of qualified staff of the region.

At the present time commercial agency of the joint plant, which deals with the questions of sales activity, delivery, storekeeping and logistics, and marketing division are situated in Moscow. In the agency you can get all necessary information, have a look at specimen products, discuss conditions of order and product delivery and take professional advice. We take orders for the scope of 50 to 1000 kg and for manufacture of non-standard products.

We try to create the best conditions for production and sales of products, to make cooperation with us as convenient and profitable for customers and partners as possible.


Phone/Fax: +7 (48646) 9-14-00
303032, Russia, Oryol region, Mzensk town, Main highway.

Heads of the enterprise

CEO : Golembiovskiy Stanislav ,
Phone: +7 (48646) 9-14-00

Deputy General Director for production: Fesenko Ìyacheslav ,
Phone:+7 (48646) 2-27-24

Chief Technologist: Dorohov Daniil ,
Phone: +7 (48646) 9-14-04

Head of production and technical Department: Semichev Yuriy,
Phone: +7 (48646) 9-14-04

Senior accountant: Okuneva Tat'yana

Essential Elements

ITN/KPP 5703008027/570301001, OGRN: 1185749002119

Settlement account: 40702810147000003280
Sberbank of Russia, ¹ 8595, Mzensk

Correspondence account: 30101810300000000601, BIC: 045402601