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History of «Mzenskprokat» plant is closely connected with the history of Experimental Plant of Qualitative Alloys (EZKS). For long time Mzenskprokat was the experimental workshop No 3 of EZKS.

In 2007 within the framework of Moscow program for transfer of production facilities out of the megalopolis, the whole production including unique metal-working equipment of EZKS plant was transferred to the town of Mzensk of Oryol region to the working area of Mzenskprokat, EZKS daughter enterprise.

In the establishment of «Mzenskprokat» as a legal successor of EZKS the great role was played by trained and able to work personnel. High proficiency of employee is the main asset of «Mzenskprokat».

In 2007 the plant celebrated its anniversary: 70 years ago on the 1 of December 1937, based on Resolution of Soviet of People's Commissars of USSR and Decree of People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry a small workers’ association was reorganized into the Plant for reprocessing nonferrous scrap. In prewar years the great capital construction was implemented at the plant. Production grew up and manpower increased significantly.

During World War II the plant was reorganized for production of landmines, parts for artillery projectiles and missilery “Katyusha”.

After the war the plant started to produce non-military products. In 1963 it was renamed to Experimental Plant of Qualitative Alloys (EZKS).

In 2007 EZKS was transferred to Mzensk town and it continued its activity as the Plant of Nonferrous Metals «Mzenskprokat».

A lot of unique alloys and products for aircraft, space and defense industries were manufactured as per the State orders during the 70 years of plant’s existence. Among them there are the solder “Alyunik”, which has no analogs in the world, solders for carbide-tipped single-point tool, namely the solder TM-1.

Today metallurgical industry of our country continues to produce alloys and utilizes technologies, which were originally created and worked-out in the laboratory and pilot production of the plant. Along with the experimental production «Mzenskprokat» develops production of small-lot and standard products.